Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rachel Alexandra: One down, Four under consideration

Scratch one off the list, Rachel Alexandra, will not be running this Saturday in the Alabama Stakes. Not that anyone thought she would, but it was on the list of 5 races the RA camp said they were considering. Originally a decision was possibly to be made this week on where RA will run next. Now, we are told, a decision will come next week

Owner Jess Jackson was quoted in a Daily Racing Form article written by Dave Grenig as saying:
"I know delaying the decision makes it harder for the press to follow, but it's all about the horse."

Hey Jess--Let's not forget the fans and horse players who want to see Rachel run in person but can't yet plan a weekend because they don't know whether to book on Travers weekend or Labor Day weekend for the Woodward. And how many on short notice can turn around and make all the arrangements to get to Pennsylvania on Labor Day if Rachel is sent to the Pennsylvania Derby on Sept. 7th?.


Superfecta said...

Well, I'm certainly hoping for the Pennsylvania Derby - that requires no planning at all on my part!

Alan Mann said...

Considering that NYRA has not only been graciously hosting the filly, but acting as her virtual press agent, I think running at Saratoga would be the right thing to do. Not that Jackson cares much about doing what's right.

SaratogaSpa said...

Superfecta--you know what they say..location,location,location!

alan--I hope Jackson is not paying his Public Relations outfit too much, not with NYRA doing all the website, blogging and related promoting of RA free of charge.

thanks for reading

Steve Zorn said...

I know it would be great if folks could plan, but it's also true that the horse sometimes does tell you what to do. I just had to cancel plans to run a horse of ours in a stakes at Saratoga, and it ain't fun.