Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crossed my Fingers and it still didn't work

On Friday I wrote these ominous words about the NTRA plan to live webcast the Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta Saturday 2010 debuts on

"I also wonder if everyone trying to get on at once around 6 pm on Saturday will slow down the video feed, overload the NTRA servor or freeze people out from logging in.

I will go into Saturday expecting to be underwhelmed by the NTRA webcast, but it is something NTRA should have been doing for a while and hopefully I will come away impressed."

Well, suffice to say, as we all no by now, the ntra website completely crashed and no one could get on the site to watch it. Luckily I was with my better half to be and she has TVG at her house. With the ntra site hopelessly "loading" we turned on TVG and became relegated to the broadcast re-creation of the Rachel and Zenyatta races on the Gate Crashers program.

As described by one wise soul, this is an "Epic Fail."

And how about this corporate speak half-ass apology from Alex Waldrop, CEO of the NTRA wherein he describes the webcast failure as such:

"Technical errors resulted in the Webcast only being viewable for a subset of those who came to our site. We are still investigating exactly what caused our Webcast to fail for so many."

What "subset" is he talking about. Do you know anyone who actually was able to log in and view the damm thing? And by saying "fail for so many"-you really mean "fail for everybody who tried to log on to the site".

This is why the NBC show "The Office" is so funny-because we realize many managers are like the Steve Carell character-they are clueless and inept.


Anonymous said...

Expecting problems, I logged on early, around 2:30 CST. On the live blog, shortly after 6 EST, Lucy was the first to ask Eric if she was the only one still waiting for the show to start. Eric replied that he too didn't have a live feed.

And so it continued, with a guy from youbet filling in on the action that no one could see.

What subset?

Anonymous said...

Anyone using trhe word "subset," for any reason, has got to be the last geek in his college class to get paid.

And I'm not talkin' payroll.

Anonymous said...

This is 2010. Not 2001.

No excuse for a web server that cant handle the load.

Anonymous said...

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